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Feedback from our users


Svetlana Samohid

The "BAS Accounting" application pleasantly pleased me as a specialist accountant with 15 years of experience.
I am an accountant who now works from home remotely. I work with several FOPs and 3 small shops. Previously used for work "1C: Enterprise 7.7". The cost of the program in the "Enterprise Accounting" version was an impressive sum for me. I accidentally found the news that it has now become possible to conduct bookkeeping via the Internet online, without buying the "1C: Pidpryumstvo 8" program. I found the iBuh.Online service with BAS online programs - analogs of 1C. I consulted the support of the service on how to switch to the online version of BAS Accounting and BAS Small Business. The cost of using the cloud version of the BAS program for rent is several times cheaper than the version of the programs for a computer. Thanks to the iBuh.Online service for a convenient online service for bookkeeping and accounting in an enterprise via the Internet. It allows you to work at any time of the day and from anywhere without the need to visit the office and move around the city.

Working in the iBuh.Online service, I was able to keep my job and my clients during my in-service maternity leave. It was certainly difficult, but I kept my job, income, qualifications, did not drop out of the profession and now I have confidence in the future. Little Dasha also says thank you to the guys for her joyful childhood!

Last year, on vacation, I had to take a part-time job and not be distracted from rest for weeks. I quietly went on vacation to the sea for 3 weeks and for a couple of hours a day I did accounting for 4 companies without any problems remotely. The iBuh.Online service with BAS applications is a convenient service and an excellent alternative to box-based programs for accounting and tax accounting.

Anna Baklanova

High-quality online service of programs for an accountant. The "BAS Accounting CORP" application surprised and delighted me. Excellent application functionality
This is an excellent program for an accountant and bookkeeping looking for a functional and well-tuned program to perform bookkeeping and tax accounting.
The BAS Accounting KORP program has a convenient interface and an assistant for entering documents. He immediately prompts what operation is possible / necessary to perform. In the "Reports" menu there is a very convenient and necessary function "Express check of accounting", which helps to quickly assess the situation and make an intermediate check of the correctness of accounting. I am also often helped by the function "Analysis of tax accounting" - it is very convenient and helps to reconcile and analyze errors in tax accounting in order to avoid fines from the tax.

Svetlana Pozhko

Our specialists in bookkeeping and tax accounting have positively assessed "BAS Accounting".
With the help of the iBuh.Online service and the BAS Accounting software, we have already managed to save more than UAH 30,000 in August in one month. Recently, we have been very actively using the BAS Accounting application in the iBuh.Online online service. This service guarantees the reliability of the implementation of practical measures for maintaining accounting and tax accounting, conducting postings of trade operations, maintaining counterparties and often, as a result of the analysis of completed tasks, one has to cancel preliminary postings with unreliable partners. Previously, we had a problem and a headache when registering online tax invoices with the SFS, but in the Edu.iBuh.Online service in the "DFS Reporting" application this problem and nerves are no longer there. Everything is done in a few clicks and automatically. This is just what you need!

Inna Rosokovskaya

The "BAS Accounting CORP" application allowed us to solve problems with VAT liabilities. Everything is fine with VAT!
We managed to save more than one hundred thousand hryvnias for unreleased obligations for VAT and income tax expenses, and we also did not allow the flow of demands from the DFS to confirm the validity of transactions, warnings about due diligence, summoning as witnesses for interrogation in criminal cases, and other walking in agony in the tax authorities. The iBuh.Online service helps to solve non-standard issues, when the break of a lot of accounting sites and professional publications, the necessary information was not found the necessary answer. Each of the applications of the iBuh.Online service is necessary and relevant for an accountant, taking into account its characteristics and the size of the enterprise. It is especially valuable to be able to use them in combination in BAS Accounting and BAS Integrated online enterprise management on the iBuh.Online service!
Thanks to the iBuh.Online service provider, which is especially important now!

Maria Zhosnovetskaya

The iBuh.Online is not a bad service of online applications, where there are all BAS programs for business management and accounting in the enterprise.
We have recently mastered work in BAS programs, more than 8 months. We use three applications:
BAS Comprehensive Enterprise Management, BAS Accounting CORP and BAS Accounting.
First, they registered for the BAS Integrated Enterprise Management program, which gives the right to use it for six months, and then Olga Glavbukh wanted to master BAS KORP Accounting and BAS Accounting, since she used to work in 1C and, in principle, she understood everything there. Buying 1C programs in a box is not cheap at all, for two programs 1C: Enterprise and 1C: Salary and personnel, we would have to pay more than 15 thousand UAH. So we were looking for an opportunity to save money and found that it is possible to switch to the online versions of BAS Integrated Enterprise Management, BAS Accounting CORP and BAS Accounting in the iBuh.Online service, which led to a 40% cost savings. By the way, which is very convenient, there is no need to pay programmers when updating the program to new versions, since the online version of BAS is updated automatically by the iBuh.Online service provider!

Elena Prokasyuk

What the doctor ordered! Excellent service for working with accounting software!
I am delighted. I didn't even think that this already exists!
Experience of using the iBuh.Online service: 7 months
From the list of healthy snacks, there is everything:
- basic functionality;
- generating reports;
- check and analysis of accounting;
- tips and help;
- submission of reports online to the DFS and Statistics with the EPC;
- automated online registration of VAT tax invoices in the DFS with confirmation;
- the ability to work remotely from any computer with the Internet;
- secure storage of the database in encrypted form in the cloud
- 24/7 online access.

I recommend to everyone the iBuh.Online service with BAS programs for enterprise management!

Luda Kozinskaya

I'm happy! It takes a little money and time to do everything for yourself: convenient and efficient.
The idea is very good, the BAS platform is a convenient and functional environment for accounting and management tasks in an enterprise. Everything in theory is cool, we bought the program, installed it, and we keep records, if something needs to be corrected in the accounting system and you go on.

For more than 5 years I have been working with different 1C programs, for all its shortcomings, I have not been able to find anything better yet.

A few months ago, I decided to systematically gamble in accounting and went to accounting courses on the BAS Accounting program, not even to courses, but more seriously - to a retraining program in one of the reputable training centers. The training lasted 4 months, 3 times a week. It was called "Accounting and Tax Accounting in BAS Accounting". I liked everything, especially classes in the BAS Accounting CORP program, but as a result of the training, I realized that many accountants use such a complex program with such a huge list of possibilities like a brick). This is interesting to me, but it took me an extremely long time for each operation and wiring. So I learned to work at BAS Accounting and became a super-accountant by analogy with a superwoman).

Igor Dyachuk

Excellent programs for business BAS Retail, BAS Small Business, BAS Accounting in the online service iBuh.Online for running a store and trade.
Experience of use: 12 months.

Hi, I am a private entrepreneur. I have clothing and lingerie stores. I would like to share my experience in using BAS Retail, BAS Accounting. At the beginning, the issue of organizing correct accounting, calculating taxes, maintaining a warehouse, selling and purchasing goods was very strong. After working with the basic version of 1C: Enterprise 7 for a production configuration, I realized that the program itself is quite difficult to learn and has already outlived its usefulness.

We have been working on the BAS platform for 11 months. There are improvements and new functions, updates. Now we use a cash register, barcode scanners and a data collection terminal, SMS are sent to our clients if they forgot their card at home. I have a remote accountant in charge of accounting and reporting. He conducts accounting, calculates taxes, keeps records and analyzes of sales, stock balances, submits reports to the tax office. Now we have connected the banking terminal directly to the BAS Retail program. We also made an upload of the accounting of trade operations from the online store to BAS Retail and data transfer to BAS Accounting, since we launched our online store a year ago.

In general, I am satisfied with everything. The most important thing is that now we have a complete picture of sales and profits, which allows us to properly plan our development and effectively manage our business.

Yana Busko

I highly recommend iBuh.Online accounting service for all accountants who don't want to spend extra money and don't want to spend their whole life in a boring office.
I started at a bank, and then my husband took me to his accountant, worked for many years, but I did not like to constantly face errors and failures of Enterprise 8.2. But any business I do well due to the fact that I am patient, persevering and attentive, they did not want to let me go from the bank and proposals are still coming in.

A year ago, I found out that now there is an opportunity to work in the online version of BAS Accounting and BAS Retail Trade in the iBuh.Online service, where you can conduct accounting and record of trade online via the Internet. I fired up and my friend teased me and showed me everything on her computer, how everything works through a browser. I was delighted! This is the end of office slavery for an accountant. There are simply no analogues now!

Oksana Sinyukha

After mastering the BAS Accounting CORP program, I recommend the iBuh.Online accounting service for all accountants who want to work in a modern and convenient accounting and management system for accounting and taxes.
Experience of using the Edu.iBuh.Online service: 7.5 months

I think that the main benefits of the accounting service iBuh.Online, in my opinion, are:
- 24/7 online round-the-clock access to the service and applications;
- the ability to work from the office, at home or on vacation via the Internet;
- delivery without problems and queues of the necessary reporting to the DFS;
- huge savings on the purchase of the program;
- very attentive and polite support;
- protection of the program database from hacking and security on the data center server;
- free trial month of use;
- registration of tax invoices in the DFS via the Internet;
- free automatic update of the program;
- access from any computer through a browser by login / password;
- the use of an electronic signature for the delivery of reports.

Vlada Boychuk

We have been using BAS Small Business and BAS Accounting programs for more than 6 months. We are glad that we have chosen these programs for accounting and business management.
Recently I found the BAS Small Business program adapted for the conditions of Ukraine and also in the online version on the iBuh.Online service, where you can work and manage your business on the Internet. With the help of technical support, we transferred the main document base from 1C to the iBuh.Online cloud server in BAS Small Business. We tried to work - everything is fine. Moved the product database from 1C to BAS. We began to add new products from the online clothing store, start up discount cards for customers. Added online payment through the website and accounting of payments in BAS Accounting. Everything works fine. Now we can quickly add and remove products from the warehouse and online store. The service is developing. Updates are constantly being released that occur automatically without our participation and for free! The stage of development has reached the transition to a new online version of BAS Accounting. In addition, now the accountant quickly and without problems submits reports to the DFS and statistics via the Internet directly from online.

Alla Stamko

I was pleasantly surprised by the list of opportunities and the level of work in BAS Accounting
A programmer I know told me that the iBuh.Online online service in the BAS version of Accounting for Small Businesses and Individual Entrepreneurs is a very convenient and modern business management solution for an accountant to work via the Internet. This is a valuable find for me. Now, with the help of the service support, I have configured the exchange of data with the servers of my clients in BAS Trade and I receive daily the necessary data to maintain accounting and support my clients.
Thanks guys! You are great!

Alina Gebirchu

Six months ago I learned that now you can work in the basic version of BAS Small Business and BAS Accounting via the Internet online.
Previously, I worked with 1C: Enterprise 7. I don’t know how anyone, but I liked everything and a lot was useful in the program. I have used the 1C program for more than one year since 2004.

For our own small enterprise, we are now testing the cloud service iBuh.Online based on BAS Retail Trade and BAS Accounting for Ukraine. We have a medium-sized garment production, several stores in Kiev and Dnipro, and an online store, where we exhibit our new products and hold sales promotions. We work both retail and wholesale.

So far, BAS likes everything. Everything works smoothly. There were some questions when integrating with the online store, but technical support very quickly corrected everything and now we keep records and manage most of the online transactions and almost everything is automated.
This is very convenient for me, because when I am on a business trip or on the road with a client, I can quickly enter any position and get the information I need to make a decision or check the state of affairs at the moment.

We use many functions of the BAS program: online cash register, barcode scanners, data collection terminal, SMS are sent to our customers if they forgot to pay for a purchase or order, set up SMS messages for promotions and reminders. My friend, an accountant, deals with reports and accounting: expenses, debit credit, balances of goods, reporting to the tax. We connected a bank terminal for payment by payment cards and made an automated data exchange between the accounting department and the online store.

Anatoly Malyshenko

In general, it is very convenient to work in the programs BAS KORP Accounting and BAS Enterprise Management. We have solved a number of very difficult management problems after switching to BAS programs
I am an accountant-auditor and often deal with accounting in manufacturing enterprises. Previously, I used 1C Enterprise 7. Even some settings in the configurator in 7.7 I did myself, although not a programmer. In this regard, version 7.7 was much simpler. But recently I moved to work at BAS Integrated Enterprise Management, BAS Accounting CORP, as my clients installed these programs at their enterprise to modernize software and automate management and accounting.

In general, BAS programs are convenient, functional and fast, as they use cloud servers to improve the performance and stability of BAS programs. We now use BAS software for accounting and material accounting and management of a small manufacturing or trading company, as well as an online store. Even one of my clients works in the online version of BAS Trade for an online store. It includes full integration of accounting for all transactions, orders, payments, warehouse, balances, prices, taxes and everything else. In general, keeping records in this program is much easier and clearer than without it!

Masha Lyashkovskaya

 The "BAS Accounting CORP" application is the best program for accounting and enterprise management for work via the Internet
Since I am an accountant specialist in working on the 1C: Enterprise program with already considerable experience in various typical configurations of the 1C: Enterprise program, I will write my vision of work in the BAS Accounting CORP program.

At the moment, the overwhelming majority of enterprises keep accounting and tax records in 1C, which, starting in May 2020, has been removed from support by 1C.

Some of my friends have already switched to the current BAS programs. In the version of "BAS Accounting" a large necessary functionality is already offered and is being developed. There are also those who work on very old 1C 7.7 pirated - in my opinion this is very bad, since updates are no longer released, the 7.7 platform program has outlived its usefulness and will no longer develop, which has already led to a number of difficulties in its use for accounting in the company.

"BAS Accounting", like other standard configurations, is supplied in two versions:
 - Basic version, inexpensive, but just as complete with some restrictions (for one user),
 - CORP version, usually for multi-user network use cases.
The difference in price is very noticeable.

Indeed, the program "BAS Accounting CORP" is not the simplest program and just like that, right off the bat, you can't figure it out. The functionality of directories, documents and registers is very developed: it carries out a rather complex calculation of wages with automatic calculation of average wages, trade accounting, accounting of production operations, as well as accounting and tax accounting are fully present here. In addition, there are many convenient features that new users do not even know about, and they greatly simplify the accounting life.
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