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About Service

Software rental service "Online Accounting" (https://iBuh.Online/) was created in 2019 and works on "1C:Pіdpriemstvo" platform, which is the most popular business automation tool. The system of programs "1C:Pіdpriemstvo" automates management and accounting for companies in various industries, activities and types of financing.

The service is primarily intended for small and medium-sized companies that require several workplaces (for example, 1-3 or 10-15). At the moment, the service allows you to work via the Internet with applications "Accounting" and "Management of a small company" for performing of company management, accounting and reporting through the Internet. All applications of a unified "1C:Pіdpriemstvo" technological platform have a unified interface and allow you to customize the data exchange between them.

Calculate taxes, keep accounting, submit reports, monitor and manage your business via the Internet with the service https://iBuh.Online/! We offer you to work with applications of the "1C:Pіdpriemstvo" system within the SaaS model ("programs as a service"), which is also called the work "in the cloud":

  • You only need an Internet connection;
  • Work from any place at any time, regardless of the quantity of users and the distance between them, without wasting energy on installing, configuring and maintaining programs and equipment;
  • The provider of the service will provide you with qualified user support, and if necessary - change the typical application in accordance with the specifics of your business;
  • We provide for you: round-the-clock access to full-featured programs via the Internet, automatic installation of updates, storage and protection of your data, extensive data exchange capabilities and much more.

Learn more about the benefits of online working.

The service provider will be able to answer all your questions about the service. We will advise which tariff will be convenient for you, which application to choose.

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+38 (056) 787-32-76
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