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Innovative BAS programs for business via the Internet


iBuh.Online Service


Manage an enterprise and business, keep accounting and tax records, submit reports to the State Fiscal Service and the State Statistics Service of Ukraine via the Internet in the innovative business programs of the BAS platform of the iBuh.Online online service.

Online application service "BAS software for business" iBuh.Online allows you to quickly connect to the popular BAS automation and business management software in various professional configurations.

Platform features:

  • Trade enterprise management;
  • Manufacturing enterprise management;
  • Trade network management;
  • Store management;
  • Online store management;
  • Small Business Management;
  • Advanced accounting
  • Financial accounting;
  • Tax accounting;
  • Keeping records of material values ??and assets;
  • Wholesale and retail trade;
  • Purchasing and supply;
  • Enterprise document flow;
  • Salary and personnel records;
  • Reporting to the SFS and SSSU;
  • Customer relationship management;

And much more.

The cloud service for BAS programs for business allows you to use popular BAS programs for business in the form of cloud online applications with Internet access for a minimum fee based on a monthly payment. Today there is no need to pay thousands of hryvnias for the purchase of BAS business programs in order to be able to use modern business software.

Thus, solving the main task of providing everyone with access to professional software for doing business for a small fee, the iBuh.Online service with online applications of BAS programs allows you to quickly connect and start work on managing trade, service and manufacturing enterprises, conduct accounting. and tax accounting, prepare and submit monthly reports to the SFS and SSSU via the Internet.

Connect for free to the iBuh.Online service and work online in BAS applications without any extra fees and conditions.

Online service for renting programs "BAS programs for business" was created in 2020 and operates on the "BAS" platform, which is the most popular tool for automating business management. The "BAS" program system is designed to automate management and accounting at enterprises of various industries, types of activities and types of financing.

The iBuh.Online service provides access to the following software solutions of the BAS platform:

  • "BAS Accounting" ,
  • "BAS Accounting CORP" ,
  • "BAS Retail" ,
  • "BAS Small Business" ,
  • "BAS Integrated Enterprise Management" ,

hosted in the form of cloud applications that are used as analogs of computer programs "BAS" in full-fledged versions for accounting and business management and online activities via the Internet.

At the moment, the service allows you to work via the Internet with applications "BAS Accounting", "BAS Accounting CORP", "BAS Retail Trade", "BAS Small Business", "BAS Integrated Enterprise Management" for business management, enterprise management, accounting and management accounting Submitting reports via the Internet. All applications in the service are created on a single technological platform "BAS", have a single, simple and modern interface and allow you to set up data exchange with each other without knowledge and programming skills.

The iBuh.Online service provides Internet access to application solutions for enterprise management and business conduct in BAS programs within the SaaS (program as a service) model. This model of operation is also referred to as a "service as an application in the cloud".

Who is the iBuh.Online service for?

The iBuh.Online service is designed for any commercial enterprise of any form of ownership for small (sole proprietorship and LLC) and medium-sized businesses (PrJSC and PJSC). The service will be useful for the work of specialists of many popular professions, as well as for entrepreneurs, managers, directors, heads of departments from various fields of activity, owners of small and medium-sized companies who need to control the business activities of their employees using business management automation programs or connect several jobs for the program: management, production, marketing, trade, warehouse, online store, supply, procurement and supply.

The service contains applications:

  • For beginner entrepreneurs (FOP) and small businesses: "BAS Small Business", "BAS Retail Trade", "BAS Accounting";
  • For medium-sized businesses and production: "BAS Accounting CORP", "BAS Integrated Enterprise Management".
  • For retail chains, shops, online stores: "BAS Retail Trade", "BAS Accounting", "BAS Accounting CORP", "BAS Integrated Enterprise Management".

The BAS for Ukraine platform is used for effective enterprise management and accounting in more than 30,000 commercial enterprises and 50,000 individual entrepreneurs in Ukraine.

Benefits of the iBuh.Online service

Working in the service "iBuh.Online - BAS programs for business" provides the following benefits:

  • Simplicity and ease of use.

To work in the BAS application service, a computer (PC, laptop, tablet), an Internet connection and any web browser are enough. Register in the service online and you can immediately start working with the applications placed in the service;

  • Availability of programs (applications) and data on any computer,

connected to the Internet, without installing software. All you need is a computer, browser and Internet connection from anywhere - office, home, travel, etc. Work from anywhere at any time, complete daily tasks regardless of the number of users and the distance between them, without spending energy on installing, configuring and maintaining programs and equipment;

  • 24/7 technical customer support.

The service provider will provide you with qualified user support. The customer support line of the iBuh.Online service also works around the clock 24 hours, 7 days a week, without holidays and weekends. You can contact the support line by phone, e-mail, as well as directly in the chat from the service applications.

  • Retraining of employees and program users is not required.

All applications in the service are created on a single technological platform "BAS" and have a single and intuitive interface.

  • Reducing the cost of using software.

Users of the iBuh.Online service do not incur additional monthly, annual, or other costs associated with installing, updating and maintaining the server hardware and software. Any commercial organization, trade or manufacturing enterprise, factory, company or sole proprietor does not need to maintain appropriate technical support and administration specialists for this software;

  • Automatic update of BAS applications.

iBuh.Online service users always work with the newest versions of applications, as they are updated by the service provider;

  • Automatic data exchange in online applications.

The service provides automatic data transfer (data synchronization) between various applications on the BAS platform;

  • Compatibility with local software versions.

Data from applications of the iBuh.Online service can be uploaded and loaded into local ("box") versions of the BAS platform programs. Conversely, data from local ("boxed") versions of programs can be uploaded and loaded into online applications running in the iBuh.Online service;

  • Reliability and security of your databases.

Your data is stored on the cloud service of a modern data center and is regularly backed up. To transmit information over the Internet, the secure HTTPS protocol is used, which provides reliable data encryption. Your information is available only to you or to those users to whom you yourself grant the appropriate access rights;

  • Continuous service availability.

We provide you with round-the-clock access to full-featured BAS applications for business, automatic update installation, storage and protection of your data, extensive data exchange capabilities, and much more. The service operates 24/7 a week, without holidays and weekends. Due to the reservation of cloud space, high fault tolerance of the iBuh.Online service is provided.

  • Significant resource savings and process automation.

iBuh.Online service technology provides significant savings in hardware resources, centralized execution and automation of application and database maintenance processes. This allows you to significantly reduce the cost of servicing each individual user of the service and provide the service at very attractive prices.

All your questions about the “iBuh.Online - BAS programs for business” service can be answered by the service provider in a qualified manner. We will advise which tariff plan and program will be convenient and useful for you, which application to choose for work.

Learn more about the benefits of working in BAS applications over the Internet.

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